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“Art is hope in life's in-between places and spaces.”
— Alisa Clark

New Book Release

Art and Liminal Space: 

Liminality and Creative Process in Life's Places and Spaces

Book Description:

Art and Liminal Space is the compilation of an artist’s work with reflections that explore liminality’s influence upon it. Liminal spaces are seen through the lens of a mindful art maker. The spaces are then painted and described with an artistic eye. A deeper understanding of the time we spend between “What Has Already Happened” and “What’s Coming Next” is found through the artist’s process. From within the creative flow, in-between moments are captured with a paintbrush and the artist’s voice.  A better understanding of our “In-Betweens,” and ways art can give us hope in those places no matter how hard our present places may seem, waits inside Art and Liminal Space.

A freshly painted canvas is my map for understanding where I am in time and space. This map gives unique perspective. It’s a map that creative expression gives to any art maker—objectivity that most can’t find a voice for. Art makers are left with some kind of work that lets them reflect on where they are at any given time and in any given space. Their work shows them where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. Art itself can capture our place in a liminal space.

With great unease, I now take on a daunting task. I will try and catch it (liminality) with my words and painter’s hands—to express this intangible, abstract and fleeting thing. I choose this rocky path that I pray will lead you and me to transformation. May we hover in the “Not Knowing” of the “In-Between” and then stand at the threshold of “What’s Next”—peering in to see a new place taking shape and glimpsing the fruits of crossing over that threshold and into something new.

To better understand the great lessons we learned while we waited in the powerful “In-Between” would be a most amazing thing. Precious would it be to see this strange liminal space that most often keeps us in one place, yet takes us on journeys to where we never thought we’d go. By the grace of God, these meek pages will help us better understand these transient, ephemeral, and undefinable things.

Liminal Quotes

"Liminal phases, then, are tipping points that make change inevitable. As this year draws to its close and a new one begins, who knows what the future will bring. I’m reminded of words attributed to the English poet, William Blake: “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.” As characters in our own story, it’s not what happens when we cross a threshold that moulds us, but how we react to changes that come." (Chamberlain, 2017)

“Every exit is an entry to somewhere else”
— Tom Stoppard

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