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By alisa on 1/4/2021 4:28 PM

These are strange times. We are frustrated that we can’t spend our time as we’d like. COVID leaves us feeling like time is not on our side. Everyone is ready to make up for lost time when the pandemic is over. How can we find any time to be happy? This blog will offer a few suggestions to make the best of your “right now.” 

Happy, 2021

By alisa on 12/7/2020 2:32 PM

COVID has left us all anxious as we wait for a better tomorrow. We are missing out on creating memories with friends and loved ones. At the same time, we face an uncertain future. This all happens from the present moment that we sit in. How can you create your way through this liminal experience? How can you use creative process to embrace the present moment and the unknows of your future? How we wait in a liminal space determines our experience of the present moment. We can wait in impatience and anxiety for “What’s Next,” or we can find ways to make our “Right Now” a place of peace and hope. Creative process can offer us this path to a better tomorrow. Read this blog and you just might be inspired to start your creative journey to deeper meaning, peace, and hope. 

Stuff Long Forgotten, 2020

By alisa on 11/19/2020 6:06 PM

This blog is all about encouraging you and me to carve, for ourselves, a safe place: a place that allows us to experience the simple pleasures of the present moment. It’s true. We must wait. We also must deal with the anxieties of yesterday and tomorrow. However, "Right Now” can be mine and yours if we take time to explore through creative process. What do you make, or what will you make? Read this blog as an encouragement to seek a creative expression that can transform your present moment. Let it make you consider that everything happens in the “In-Between.” 

Choose Everything, 2020

By alisa on 10/23/2020 2:48 PM

Be a time traveler with me. With the sweep of a brush and a stroke of color, time can be explored, understood, and momentarily nailed down for examination. While others might hurry forward to “What’s Next,” rush from the past, and fight the present moment, art makers like us can travel more peacefully. Try “Coming and Going Right Now” with ease others might not enjoy. It’s all possible through our creative process. Read this blog, and then join me in making art on a journey from yesterday, into today, and through tomorrow.

Coming and Going Right Now, 2020

By alisa on 9/17/2020 1:07 PM

It's about two weeks till closing. My parent’s house is ready to go. I have pictures and videos of every nook and cranny. Now, I paint it all. At first, I was beside myself about the house becoming someone else’s. I felt like I was losing and old friend forever. Recently, I’ve thought, “I have a way to keep this old friend with me.” I can be between “What Was” and “What’s Next” through my paintings. 

By alisa on 8/19/2020 12:29 PM

I challenge you to find a creative way to notice your sands shifting on your shoreline. How can you make sense of time’s passing? What tangible, meaningful act can moor you as the waves of time ebb and flow? I paint. What can you do?

I Paint. What Do You Do?, 2020

By alisa on 6/25/2020 4:15 PM

What can you do with your “Right Now?” Is there a way you can create your way to a better place? You don’t have to be stuck with that feeling of apprehension that others are carrying with them right now. Creating can be your escape. Do something that gets you thinking about what you can do. You can create a new “Right Now” with the choice to create something new.

By alisa on 5/10/2020 1:38 PM

For quite a while, I’ve been worried that I’ve lost God along the way. I’ve felt like my ways of finding hope and happiness are not the most pleasing to Him. I am beginning to think that my spiritual practices have just shifted and changed. Art making is now my most pivotal one. It’s my means for sorting things out as I wait for “What’s Next” to unfold. Sharing the meaning I find in my work, and through my work, is next in line. Running has been a constant. The experience of running and listening to music in the sunshine has always been euphoric. Sometimes, I just lie in the sun with headphones on and leave out the running. These are the ways I am most happy. These are the ways that I find hope.

Hope Is Here, 2020
By alisa on 5/5/2020 4:13 PM

Art matters while we wait. We need new ways of approaching social distancing that takes us outside of the box and outside of ourselves. A simple image can shift things. A song can transform things. A clever way to celebrate someone’s birthday saves the day. Now more than ever, we need art to breathe life into our liminal places and spaces.

Space Shifting, 2019

Finding Hope at Liminal Space Art Blog

It is apparent to me that time is fleeting. Even in the present moment, the moment is gone before I am even aware of what took place inside it. Time is always moving.Mostly, I think it’s moving forward, but now I’m not sure that’s true. On some days, a strange quality of light, a surprising event, or a shift in the weather makes me see that time can shift with what shifts around me. Time can stand still when I am on the precipice of something frightening.  A baby is born, and time lurches forwards. I sift through old memories inside the home of my loved one lost, and I sense that time has stepped backward. Time does its own thing, and I have determined that it doesn’t go by our clock.

I just heard a school bus. Normally, I would not notice that sound, but schools are closed as COVID-19’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order creates a new normal. No school buses, no children in playgrounds, no traffic during rush hour, and absolutely no celebrations. Right now, we are holding still, and time is joining us as we wait. I notice this right now more keenly than ever. All this waiting while not knowing the future. All this feeling like we are suspended in time. All this anxiety that comes from "planlessness" and hopelessness. It’s all about liminality. It’s all about waiting in a liminal space. It’s all the result of being forced to wait in between things.

A lot of people are drinking more, sleeping more, stressing more, and hoping less. There are still plenty of things to do, but they aren’t all productive. There are still plenty of things to do, but much of what we once were driven by has lost its meaning. Everyone is looking for ways to cope and find hope as we wait for “What’s Next.” I cope and find hope with a paintbrush and a canvas. I create however and whenever I want. I can step back in time, I can freeze a moment, or I can forge ahead on a two-dimensional plane with a stroke of color. Liminality doesn’t drag on for me like it might for others. In fact, some days I really enjoy the feeling that I have forever to create. I’m not saying this time is easy for me. I am struggling like everybody else. I am saying that this time is better than it might otherwise be. It’s because inside this liminal space I have art to pass the time with.

You can have art to pass the time with. You can make something and glean the benefits of taking back some control of the time you have. I believe that art is made through any kind of creating. Right now, something as simple as sewing masks for health care workers offers a way to wait with some purpose, hope, and creativity. With each color choice, design, stitch, and knot you can find hope in the opportunity to fashion someone a little bit of hope. As you finish what you started, you may find that time has been a little gentler than it was before. This is the kind of hope I want this blog to offer.

I want to provide a space where people can turn a liminal space into something new- a place to create and find new hope. We don’t have to wait alone. Art can be our companion, and we can share that companion with others. Creative expression can be our friend no matter how challenging our present place in time and space may be. This truth is a gift that I hope we can share at Liminal Space Art Blog.

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